Blogging And Entrepreneurship – One Step At A Time

The Caminito in La Boca, Buenos Aires.

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I am sat thinking what to write and all the blogs I have read recently are running through my mind so I think that’s a good place to start.

Firstly I have read a great guide on blogging and blog marketing from Hector J Cuevas that has a lot of really useful advice and tips on every relevant aspect. I now have to apologise Hector for not putting all your great advice in to practice yet, I am at such an early stage in my blogging journey and in the mood to write with out all the sensible preparation. Seeing as I have no audience I could just as well have written this on a piece of paper in my front room. I must add I have every intention of implementing all the advice one step at a time to fully analyse the results.

I have to now mention BA expat this is one of the first blogs I read on WordPress and my favourite. It was the author Zack’s birthday yesterday and only 26 his birthday wish is that his blogs are shared on Facebook which I’ve already done and you should too.

To start at the beginning in regard to BA expat’s posts, I literally read the first one due to the mention of Buenos Aires which I’ve visited and loved, such a beautiful country. On reading I discovered there are further synergies with my own passions firstly entrepreneurship, he offers great ideas to help establish a product or business for those keen to startup but yet to find their direction.
He also covers:
•market evaluation
•manufacturing in China and Taiwan
•negotiating with manufacturers
•outsourcing (especially for areas of personal weakness)
To name but a few from memory but inspiring tips with synergies to any sector or business.

He also focuses on the power of mind-set and the value of being fit, healthy, surrounded by succesful, ambitious people all being key factors to aid your own success.
Most importantly though a lot of BA expat’s blogs make my laugh out loud on several occasions as I read through them, which most comedians can’t do. It’s when he documents his experiences of living in a foreign country with limited language skills and his humility at laughing at himself with situations that arise, felling child like and vulnerable due to the language barrier.

I have to finish this here but I hope you enjoy the afore-mentioned posts as much as I did.


Take Control of your own Destiny

Do you want to have control of your earnings, the hours you work and what you do to earn a living. I’m quite confident that so far I have a resounding yes.

The only thing that has stopped you achieving this goal already is self confidence, mind set and the right guidance these are resolvable and I hope to be the one to inspire this.

I can, I believe accurately, presume that you currently have a list of other barriers running through your head and you are possibly sceptical at this point.

• Collateral
• Support
• Knowledge
• Time

The biggest complexity in the equation that everyone will be thinking is collateral, the neccessity to have money to make money. Yes you need to have cash flow for any eventuality but there are low cost options.

First I want to make something clear I’m not suggesting I can advise you how to become a millionaire or neccessarily an overnight success, it is possible but that will come from inside you and how you adapt the information provided.

My intention is to give you information to support and empower you, help you find your confidence as a professional and the direction and resources you need to achieve Control. I want to help you take control of your own destiny, of how many hours you work, what time of day, how much you earn and what you do to earn money.

You will need to invest your time and passion to make an opportunity work. To maximise your propositions potential of success – you need to love it, it needs to come from the heart, or at the very least be excited by the prospect of succeeding in it.

If you’re still looking for a business idea start thinking about hobbies, things you’re good at, your experience.

Start asking and find the answers that you need to move forward.
Contact me for advice I will find answers that I don’t know, it’s all about joining the dots.