Juggling Family & Work – The Parallels to a Business Mind Set

A day at the nut house – I’m sure plenty of you can empathise.

Two children in the house, one mine one not, a toddler and a crawler. Trying to master the fine art of juggling!

Feeding and singing being key tools to implement in order to market my product.

Have you ever tried to sing and write; the neighbours have just put a for sale sign up, not sure if it’s directly related.

Life is full of challenges, contentment for me is rising to them and conquering them.

I encounter so many people that give up at the first hurdle, when embarking on a new venture or marketing a product. It often seems on further inpection that these are people that have been blessed with a comparatively easy life. Very fortunate but we learn from overcoming challenges.

So often the best equiped to deal with the infinite challenges of business are those that have battle experience in their personal life.

Success will come from finding the direction to focus on.